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Premium Propolis Throat Spray

Premium Propolis Throat Spray

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The Roimatawe Absonature Propolis Spray is a unique and novel product featuring Propolis in a water base. Propolis contains approximately 50-70% resin, 30% wax, 10% etheric oils and 5% pollen.

It is especially rich in amino acids, and important for immune system function. It has high vitamin content (Vitamin A - carotene, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, biotin) and is extremely rich in bioflavonoids (Vitamin P), which are believed to have numerous immune building properties and health benefits. 

Bioflavonoids are the natural pigments in fruits and vegetables, and are found in abundance in oranges. Propolis contains almost 500 times more bioflavonoids than are found in oranges.

In addition, the packing of the product to pharmaceutical standards in an aluminium aerosol presentation ensures the product is non-clogging and allows a controlled metered spray.

The Propolis, herbal and oil combination of the Roimatawe Absonature Propolis mixture is combined in a unique phospholipid mixture to ensure optimum uptake of active material is achieved. New Zealand's native Manuka honey is also used in the product as a natural sweetener. Also featured are a natural Peppermint and Manuka oil.

The fine, water-soluble, alcohol-free mouth/ throat spray exhibits antioxidant ability, anti-microbial activity and immunostimulatory effect. 

*** Do not use if allergic to bees or bee products.

Key Ingredients

•    Propolis (Water Soluble)
•    Peppermint
•    Manuka Oil
•    Leptospermum Scoparium (Manuka) Oil
•    Menthol Lactate
•    Natural Flavour


•    Soothe sore throats
•    Improve immunity in people with colds
•    Soothe lip sores, acne
•    Reduce mild skin damage and itching
•    Heal mosquito bites
•    Soothe gums and oral discomfort


For oral use apply, 2-3 sprays directly to the back of the throat.
Repeat 3 hourly intervals, shake well before use.

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